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Leisure Bikes

We offer a wide variety of bikes to hit your local park gravel trail — or as we call 'em around this way, "Rail Trails"! Bikes with a very upright position can be comfortable for many miles, even for a beginner cyclist on the right comfort bike. These bikes offer a wide selection of gears for easy pedaling, very comfortable seats positioned on a shock absorbing seat post, a shock absorbing front fork, and close and easy-to-reach handlebars. These bikes are awesome to ride through Berks County on many of our historic railway beds that are now converted into modern bike paths along the scenic Schuyllkill River. Eventually, these "Rail Trails" will connect all the way to Philadelphia. Yippeeee!
Spokes carries leisure bikes from Globe Bikes.
INTERNET BUYERS BEWARE! Bikes shipped to you in a box along with the "no overhead" story may seem like a bargain at first. Internet shippers will NOT tell you but, buying a bike that is not assembled by an authorized dealer voids your warranty! Spokes can often sell you a fully warranted, professionally assembled bike for less than the so called "internet deals".
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